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Powerful Enterprise Learning Strategies You Might Be Missing

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Oftentimes, enterprise-level organizations don’t place a priority in knowledge-sharing because they don't understand it, believe it’s too expensive, think it's going to be too much too disruptive to implement, or think people won’t participate.  The reality is, however, that people are yearning to share what’s working for them they just don’t have the ability to.

However, even those organizations that overcome these misconceptions are missing some powerful strategies that create amazing results. For example, incorporating multiple perspectives and viewpoints is something that many companies forget. Perhaps they’re still looking primarily at just the top sales reps who have won awards are going to do a video or write-up to talk about how they've been successful. 

This is a major mistake because there are people every single day in the trenches that are doing great work and they may not be ones that are getting the opportunity to talk when you're only choosing two or three. There's a lot that you can learn from them and they’re probably not feeling valued because nobody's tapping them on the shoulder and asking them to share.

When you do give everyone a platform to share their knowledge and expertise, it will really make a difference in how employees perceive their company and their future therein. 

The Budget “Problem”

The way that most companies execute a knowledge-sharing program is to pick a few people, fly them to corporate, and interview them about their methods for success. They’ll make it way too fancy for an internal sales video and spend thousands of dollars to do that. 

For that reason, fear of the budget has gotten in the way of people being able to do it. But knowledge sharing absolutely doesn’t have to be a high-end production, nor should it focus only on a few employees. It can be as simple and easy as grabbing your smartphone and having a real, candid, and open conversation. Your employees will be way more likely to engage with something authentic like that and the only cost was maybe a few minutes of your time.

Time to Market

Building on the stigma that a high-end production is needed, perhaps the biggest strategy that businesses fail to deliver on is only delivering one or two pieces each year. When you only have content that comes out a few times a year, you're missing the successes of deals that just closed, new product releases, quick-wins, client success stories, and much more. With the evolving technology that exists now, if you're not staying up to date and sharing successes and training content fast enough, people are forced to figure out those things on their own.

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