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Why EasyMovie?

Learn how exactly EasyMovie can help you accelerate your sales efficiency with video. No expertise required.


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Recording is simple with EasyMovie

No experience? No problem!

EasyMovie takes the fear out of filming by guiding you through the process. Simply follow the prompts—it’ll tell you how to position yourself, what to say, and how to say it.


Ten minutes is all it takes.

With EasyMovie’s built-in storyboards and templates, you can create a video from start to finish in 10 minutes, tops.

Seamless editing and production.

It takes just a few seconds to make minor enhancements to the recorded video, then EasyMovie does the rest.

EasyMovie’s enterprise platform makes it easy to stay organized

Deliver consistent quality.

You can create custom-branded storyboards and designated workflows for your users through our platform—resulting in consistent, high-quality videos.

Keep it on-brand.

EasyMovie enables the whole team to create beautiful, on-brand videos by storing and pre-embedding company graphics, visuals, and branding elements.

Stay compliant. 

EasyMovie secures your user data with SSO and follows all regulations, like GDPR. Plus, it stores all your legal documents, like image rights waivers and international music licenses.

Multiple solutions for sharing video content at scale

Reach your most valuable audience

Easily share your videos with customers via email, social media, text messages, and more—no file downloads or YouTube links required. 

Create a culture of learning

Build an internal video learning library right from your Salesforce instance so your team can share all their best practices in one place. 

Empower your employees

Give your employees a voice by allowing them to share their expertise through video. They’ll build their personal brands and gain recognition for their hard work.

Accelerate your sales efficiency


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