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Culture Trends to Promote Employee Engagement

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Often the hardest part of building a culture of employee engagement is simply getting people to buy into what you’re doing. It’s one thing to get someone to pay attention to your new internal promotion or campaign, but another entirely to get people to want to participate and engage.

One of the best ways to get ahead of this is to be tuned into trends that are happening, what other companies are doing, and follow what works.

Here are some awesome workplace culture trends to think about: 

1. Employee wellness

Make sure that your employees know that you care about their individual wellbeing, not just as an employee.

2. Diversity & inclusion

Ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. People work and engage differently, some are more vocal than others but creating a comfortable place for people to share their ideas and opinions will create a more engaging environment.

3. Employee experience

The simple act of having everybody communicate their experiences on a day to day basis can go a long way. Does Accounting know what a day is like for Marketing? Does Marketing understand anything that Operations does? Share it!

4. Professional development

People tend to leave companies because they don’t feel challenged or don’t see career opportunities that they’d be eligible for. By providing a specialized focus on professional development and career path, it can help drive employee retention and drive more engaged employees. 

5. Flexible work schedules

It’s a huge topic these days and has come to be something that people expect rather than a benefit that sets employers apart. 

6. Recognition and Rewards

People love to be recognized at work, right? If somebody is recognized for doing a good job or hitting a target, they’re going to feel good and it builds a great sense of camaraderie. 

Sometimes, even thinking outside the box is the best way to build engagement. Whether it's a company outing to a trip to the theme park, getting out of the office and into a new environment that employees haven’t been in together goes a long way toward building culture and engagement.

Getting People to Buy-In

The data shows that engaged employees are going to be happy employees that are going to be more productive employees. It seems intuitive, right? They're going to give more to the organization as opposed to the unengaged employee that is going to only do what is expected of them. So, there'll be better business outcomes and a more return on the investment for the manpower and the knowledge that those individuals are providing to the organization. 

It's all about the culture of the organization and how people feel. If you can make them feel welcome and wanted in the organization, there's a positive psychological impact.

As the old saying goes, if you love what you do, you're no longer working. However, trying to get everybody into that mindset is not an easy challenge to overcome. But if you can get them into that mindset, then it's exponentially rewarding, both from a mental standpoint as well as a financial standpoint. Those people excited about it. They don't dread Monday. It’s not just a job to them.

And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?


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