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Update from EasyMovie on the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

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First of all, we hope you, your family and all of your loved ones are well and staying safe.

Global concerns surrounding COVID-19 continue to escalate, and we want to put your mind at ease when it comes to working with EasyMovie.

From Monday, 16th March 2020, all global EasyMovie team members will be practicing a strict “work-from-home” policy until further notice.

Our team is following recommendations from the World Health Organization and other regulatory bodies around the world to keep all our business partners and employees safe.

Although the current situation has put some strain around travel, in a digitally connected world, we are agile in how we work. We encourage you to engage with our teams via digital and telecommunications channels such as Google Hangout, Slack, WhatsApp, instant messaging and over the phone as much as possible.

As video and employee-generated video content will allow both our current business partners and potential business partners to further assist with keeping remote employees engaged and well informed, please know that EasyMovie stands ready to support your business and your current business needs. 

Our global team is now experimenting with various new ways to leverage our solution during these less than normal times - to each create even more ways to use our technology to create video content on a daily basis. Our management team continues to produce weekly/daily news flashes to communicate with our organization. Many members of our global team are creating and sharing daily, individual recaps with each other  - to continue to inspire each other and maintain ties. And we as a team have also launched a video challenge and storyboard titled "my daily life in confinement" and are individually creating and promoting these videos to each other on our internal communication platform - to help boost the morale of our teams.

If you have further specific concerns or general questions, please reach out to your EasyMovie representative or me directly.

Above all else, we wish you and all whom you care deeply for are all able to stay out of harm’s way and remain healthy. 

Be well,

Nicolas Cazeneuve
Founder and CEO, EasyMovie