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4 Videos You Need to Make to Improve Your Company Culture

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Videos are one of – if not the most – effective ways to improve and promote your organization’s culture. Employee generated video content will create a sense of community that humanizes your team members and gives everybody the voice to effectively communicate thoughts, feelings, expertise, and passions.

The important thing is not only to start this process, but to keep those communication channels open so this content is always being produced. A culture of open communication, authenticity, and engagement will always lead to better business results. 

Here are 4 employee generated video ideas you need to be constantly producing to improve your company culture:

1. Company Culture

Create a video storyboard and template that speak towards sharing what the company's culture and value means to your employees. Do this two or three times a year and have the team check in on that topic and look for trends and what’s changed throughout the year.

Remember, your organization’s definition of culture shouldn’t come from the leadership team or HR, but everybody. That’s the best and only way to know how the team truly feels.

2. New Hires

Have every single new hire make a short video to introduce themselves to the team. This is especially important when you have a remote workforce or even a hybrid workforce, where people won’t get to know the new employees in the hallway or around the water cooler.

Ask them about their background, why they decided to come onboard, and what they're looking forward to in their new role. Encourage them to be themselves and they will feel welcomed!

3. Informal Leadership Chats

A recurring video from a member of the senior leadership team that’s informal and casual will be well-received by the team. Call it something like “Coffee with the CEO” and let them share what’s going on with the company on a weekly basis. This is a great opportunity to let people in the organization understand the success, challenges, goals, and vision of the company that they otherwise probably don’t get much exposure to.

These videos help break down barriers that could exist and humanize the leader, especially in an enterprise-level organization. The CEO can be more relatable and conversational instead of a name on a company-wide email.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Give your employees the platform, almost like a suggestion box, to ask questions, bring up new ideas, or challenge a thought process within the organization. It’s a simple, structured way to have employee-generated content and it can lead to some incredible ideas being brought to the forefront.

Empower your employees to say, “Hey, we've been doing it this way for so long. I think there's a better way to do it. This is my solution. What does everybody think?” 

Then watch what happens!

These are four great examples, but keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of thousands of different videos you could make based upon which business narrative that you want to communicate. These four are a great place to start because they're focused solely on encapsulating the DNA and the culture of your organization and the importance of allowing everybody to have a voice.