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Become a Master: 4 Storyboards for Your Company Culture Videos

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How great would it be to open up the opportunity for all of your employees to talk about what they love the most about working at your company?

Just imagine the responses you’d get when you ask people to talk about their experience, their priorities, and their day-to-day. How long have they been here? What do they love the most about their job? What was the biggest learning they’ve had since they started?

Everyone has great stories to tell, whether they realize it or not, and that type of content serves a powerful purpose when it comes to employee engagement, recruiting, and more.

To get you started, here are four storyboards for your own company culture videos.


Videos are absolutely the best way to show off your culture. Ask your employees to introduce themselves, what their role is, how long they’ve been at the company, why they joined, and what keeps them there.

Then, go into some lighter questions that are more outside the box. What’s the most fun thing they’ve worked on? What skills have they learned that surprised them? What would they tell someone who was thinking about applying there?

Employee Mobility

This one ties in really well with the recruiting example: what does a day in the life of a specific role look like? Many times recruiters struggle with the fact that they're talking to all these candidates and think they understand the job they’re promoting based on a written description, but they wind up losing those candidates because as they got further in the process, they realize this is not what I thought the job was going to be.

So being able to have somebody that's in that job right now talking about their day to day life, What are they focused on? How do they prepare for the job? What skills did they have coming in? What have they learned since then? 

Not only does this serve well for recruiting, but you’re also painting a clearly defined picture of this role that will help with employee mobility within the organization. We’ve all taken a job that became very different from the way it was described, right? This will help avoid that!

Re-Recruiting your existing employees

When we talk about “re-recruiting,” what we mean is engaging your existing employees, keeping them motivated, and getting them excited about their future within the organization. Ask them what they love most about their jobs, where they see themselves in five years, what do they think is unique about our organization that gets them excited to come to work every day, things like that.

What you’re going to see is people actually taking the time to stop and think about what they love about what they do. It’s a powerful tool for employee retention once people realize how much they love their job and appreciate their company. 

Perpetual Learning

This is where knowledge sharing makes the most impact. Challenge your employees to be perpetual learners, to continue to grow in their roles, and share their experiences and best practices with others. 

Studies show that the most successful companies are ones in which the employees are always learning new roles and skillsets and sharing them with others. 

As we said, everyone has powerful stories to tell whether they realize it or not. Whether they work in Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance, Operations, or even if they’re a brand new hire, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the table. When they’re sharing the information with the rest of the organization, everyone benefits.