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Effective Ideas for Amping Up a Positive Work Environment

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With the recent pandemic, most companies’ work environments changed overnight. Thousands of organizations had to shift to a remote or hybrid operation which created many challenges, not the least of which was maintaining a sense of culture and community for all employees.

Some companies did a great job with that challenge and feel closer than ever before, whereas others are struggling with employees who feel isolated or disengaged. It’s important that managers set up regular check-ins with their team members, even if they’re short, to see how people are going, what they’re struggling with, and how they can be helped.

Here a few fun video ideas to amp up a positive work environment:

Include Your Children

Have children of your employees imitate their parents and have the rest of the team try to guess whose child they are!

Include Your Pets

Take videos of your pets and let people guess whose pet is whose!

Make “About Us” Videos

Have each member of your team make a video to showcase, in their opinion, what the company is all about. What do they love about working there? What have they learned? What would they tell someone about what it’s like to work there? 

Make a Collage

Ask everyone on the team to record a short video that sums up the company or department in one word, and then make a collage of all the videos.

Make a Parody

Embrace the goofy and creative energy of your team and make a parody video about your company that makes people laugh.

Overall, video outreach has increased significantly across the board and the more you can incorporate it into your everyday communication, the better off you will be. Whether it’s the Sales team sharing best practices, an HR video welcoming a new employee, or simply a goofy video that puts a smile on someone’s face, video resonates with people in a way that no other medium does.